🔵HF: EUF (Visual discrimination)

EUF is the ability to discriminate between small units or details. People who score poorly on CUF and EUF usually need a visual or auditory test. If NUF and NTS are also poor, there are likely to be visual problems.

Low Visual EUF is evident when students confuse, for example, "b" for "d" or overlap or reverse letters. Their Auditory EUF may be excellent and they may be able to pronounce all letters and phonemes, but if their Visual EUF is low, they will have spelling problems. If on the other hand they have good memory, teach them spelling by having them repeat or sing aloud the words they need to learn. First reading and spelling the words, and then visualising them with their eyes closed as they spell them. Encourage verbal practice both at home and at school. After the visual test you can use visual exercises and Belgau training.

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