🔵HF: ESS (Mathematical Critical Judgment)

ESS is the ability to decide correctly what concepts are needed, and in what order they should be used to solve non-verbal mathematical problems. Even if students have good CSS skills, they may be of little use if they do not know when and in what order to add, multiply, divide, etc. See the section on CSS.

When students are deficient in SSE, it means that they have not learned to decide which mathematical principle or rule to use, and in what order they should solve problems.

Strategies for teaching Assessment: Discuss aloud each of the problems, explaining why each choice or decision (right or wrong) is made, and how the selection principles are established.

We recommend "Assertive Discipline" to improve behavioural discipline, evaluation training and planning, as well as the cassettes in the collection "The Art of Educating", especially #3: Discipline, another face of love; and #11: The formation of responsibility.

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