🔵Sharing of reports to teachers

Habilmind considers the teaching staff as a fundamental pillar in the teaching-learning process of the students. That is why, after the completion of the tests that the school has selected, it is recommended to explain and deliver the corresponding report(s) to the teachers. In this way, teachers can know the results of their students' assessment and support them with the necessary actions to improve the factors measured in each test, by means of recommendations that are included in the reports themselves.

With specific information, teachers will be able to carry out cognitive or socio-emotional stimulation interventions for their students, both in groups and individually, working continuously on the development of the aspects that are detected and that need to be strengthened. On the other hand, the teaching staff will be involved in the improvement of the students' learning process.

The delivery of results should be accompanied by a prior explanation by school management or the school's counselling/psychopedagogical department on the purpose of the test, the areas assessed, how the results are interpreted and recommendations for improvement for a specific student or for the whole group, as well as to determine needs and agree on actions for improvement. In some cases, it will be the teachers themselves who will later have to inform parents about their children's results, so it is necessary that they are familiar with the test applied and the different types of reports it offers.

The steps to be taken for the delivery of these reports to the teaching staff and their respective options are set out below. The school can choose what suits them best according to their logistics and time.

Step 1: Define the modality of the meeting

a) face-to-face at the school (a projector should be available)

b) virtual through a platform, such as: Meet, Zoom, Teams (screen sharing).

Step 2: Summoning the teaching staff

a) all teachers in the school or by stages (primary, secondary, etc.)

b) only assigned teachers, e.g. primary school tutors.

Step 3: Present and explain the following information:

a) the test(s) that were administered; the Habilmind website www.habilmind.com can be used as a reference for this purpose.

b) the reports on the results of the test(s) administered to teachers, both group and individual.

c) the recommendations made in the reports based on the results.

Step 4: Sharing the reports:

a) access to the platform using a personalised user name and password (teacher profile)

This option consists of the school managing a personalised username and password for each teacher so that they can access the platform and view the reports. To obtain the users and passwords, they must be requested from the Habilmind advisor or the Santillana coach, who in turn will make the request to Habilmind's technical support.

After having obtained the users and passwords and prior to the delivery of the same, the corresponding permissions must be assigned to each teacher in the platform with the profiles of director or counselor so that he/she can exclusively visualize the results of the assigned groups.

If this option is chosen, it is also recommended to explain to teachers at the agreed meeting how to access the platform with these credentials and where to locate the report(s).

See manual on how to give permissions to teachers on the platform.

b) delivery of the results by e-mail or delivery of the printed report.

The school must first download the group and individual reports for each student. In the case of individual reports, the platform offers the possibility of bulk downloading of all students at once. After downloading, the reports can be printed for delivery in person during the meeting or sent to the teachers through the communication channel that the school considers best.

NOTE: Group reports should be downloaded one by one.

Please refer to the relevant manual for bulk downloading of individual reports:

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