🔵Video How to use the demo user

It may be of interest for the school to get to know the Habilmind tests before applying them to the students. We offer the possibility of doing so through a DEMO user: with the registration of each of the groups within a school we provide the test user, called PEPE PRUEBAS. These users allow teachers, headmasters and counsellors to try out the tests themselves. As the purpose of this exercise is not self-assessment, but to get to know the dynamics of the test, interested users can do it in groups of 2 or 3 using the same PEPE PRUEBAS.

To carry out tests with these users, you must authenticate on the platform and choose the test you are interested in (Fundamental Skills, Personal Trends, Learning Styles...). Once inside the test, click on "search" and choose the group and PEPE PRUEBAS. Select the test you want to know in detail its operation. The following video shows how to do it:

The PEPE PRUEBAS do not affect the group results, as the platform simply does not take them into account. If you have already used all the PEPE TESTS available, please contact your advisor to reset the ones you need.

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