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The Learning Styles test is a criterial test that analyses the channels used by the learner when acquiring knowledge. Specific considerations about this tool are presented below.

Specific manual

Aim: To measure the cognitive and emotional factors that influence the way in which the patient learns.


  • To find out how the patient learns, his or her preferences and tendencies.

  • To increase patient attention and motivation.

  • Reduce disruptiveness in the classroom.

Aimed at: Patients from 4th grade of primary school up to adults.

Duration: 20-30 minutes.

Important note! If you want to apply this test in 2nd and 3rd grade of elementary school, you should take into account the following aspects:

- It is an extensive test (130 items), so the application time is long. This may cause some fatigue in the patient and affect the style of response given. If signs of fatigue are observed, a break should be taken after finishing some of the blocks of questions.

- It is likely that the patient will have difficulty in understanding some questions or in abstracting generalities in order to give their answers, so the patient should be guided at all times by reading and clarifying, without judgement, each of the questions before they answer them.

- If the test is done remotely, the parent/guardian should accompany the patient to facilitate understanding of the questions.

- Before the age of 10, mental processes are in the process of consolidating as thought patterns, so at this age, diagnoses will be volatile and unstable, requiring re-evaluation in consecutive years to confirm their evolution and development.

Specific indications on the application:

  • The test is performed in a single session.

  • There is no time limit for the test.

  • We propose some suggestions to explain and introduce the patient to the task to be performed:

  • "In the following test there are no right or wrong answers. You are going to answer some personal questions in which you will have to reflect on how you think you are, respond or act in certain everyday situations".

  • "It is important that you read the questions carefully and answer honestly so that the feedback is real and therefore useful to help you in your learning process.

  • "It is very important to maintain a climate of respect and concentration, for which silence is essential and only open the microphone (if the application is remote) in case you want to ask any questions".

  • In order for the patient to know how to navigate within the test, you can explain the functionality of the test before starting to answer the questionnaire.

  • "For each description you will have to answer No or Yes, depending on how it best fits your perception of yourself.

  • "The green arrows allow you to navigate between questions. The mouse wheel and the arrows on the keyboard as well".

  • "The "I'm done" button will be pressed when you have answered ALL the questions".

  • "The number of questions in the challenge is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Once the patient has finished the test, the session will be automatically closed. The results will be immediately processed on the platform for consultation.

Habilclinic: Learning Styles Reports

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