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Locate the Personal tendencies test box and click on "access".

Summary teachers only

Once you have a good grasp of the meaning and implications of each of the personal tendencies assessed, you will find this report useful and convenient. Here you can quickly review the results of a specific student. You can download it from the screen by clicking on "download summary". You may even find it helpful in a meeting with parents when presenting the information to the family and explaining some aspects about their child.

*From this screen you can review the questions that the student has marked.

Full report

You can view the full report online or in PDF format. Here's what you need to do to get the PDF report.

Summary report (for families)

This report has specific characteristics, prepared to be given to families for the following reasons:

Briefness. It is a summary report that indicates the student's results by presenting a profile of his or her personal tendencies and a simple description of each of the indicators evaluated.

Filtered information. The combined indicators, obtained by pondering some of the specific indicators such as aggressiveness, victimhood or leadership, will not appear in this report. This is because it is information that we consider relevant in internal management, to complement the information collected in other tests, such as Socioemotiogram or School Coexistence (Bullying).

The summary report can be downloaded in PDF format. In the following screenshot we show you where this report is located.

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