🔵SBE: Why is it important?

The results obtained immediately after the application are a great step forward for the teacher as they allow him/her:

  • To know quickly and objectively how their students feel.

  • To know which emotions are most prevalent in the group.

  • To know which are the strengths and areas for improvement within the indicators evaluated in their students.

  • To understand the importance of emotional well-being and its impact on the learning process.

  • To get clear and precise suggestions for interventions with their group of learners.

  • To understand how emotions influence certain behaviours.

Families value very positively the school's interest in getting involved in their children's education from an inclusive perspective, looking not only at the academic area but also at personal and social development. The implementation of this tool at the school will help families to become aware of the importance of emotional well-being and its impact on their children's learning.

In addition, families can receive a report of their children's results, which will help them understand their emotional state, the reasons for some of their behaviour and the internal tools they have to face life's adversities. In addition, through the recommendations provided in the reports, they will be able to contribute to the emotional well-being of their children and thus strengthen the parent-child bond.

The school principal has complete information on the personal development and evolution of the students in different areas. They have a very useful tool that allows them to address the socio-emotional factor. In addition, the results analysis panels are of great use for:

  • Getting to know your student population more closely and objectively.

  • Making decisions about the most appropriate actions for your students.

  • Identifying students who may need more attention.

  • Favouring the integral development of their students.

  • Raising awareness in their community about the importance of psycho-pedagogical assessment, in this case, of socio-emotional aspects.

  • Promoting emotional well-being within the educational centre.

With this tool, the school counsellor has the possibility of quickly assessing all the students and obtaining reports with the results processed automatically and immediately in order to know the most personal aspects, such as emotional well-being. This information will allow him/her:

  • To have a practical tool for the evaluation of emotional well-being at school.

  • To provide information to the teaching staff on strategies for improving the emotional well-being of the students.

  • To transmit at school level the importance of the socio-emotional aspect in the learning process.

  • To identify students who may need more attention.

  • To obtain useful material for the school for parents.

  • To work with students on strategies for the generation of emotional well-being.

  • To have a tool that facilitates the prevention of socioemotional affectation.

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