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​Emotion experienced in the face of real and imminent danger where physical or psychological integrity is threatened.


​Emotion experienced at the loss of someone or something important to the subject.


​This emotion is experienced in the face of intense frustration, which exceeds the limits of self-control.


​It is experienced in the face of a feeling of real or imaginary danger, taking the form of nervousness, uneasiness, uneasiness.

​Emotional expressiveness

​Ability to identify emotions and express them in a balanced and respectful way.


​It is the filter through which reality is perceived on the basis of beliefs and experiences.


​It is the valuation of oneself, derived from one's personal history and the beliefs of others about oneself.


​It is the inner energy that orients towards the search for and attainment of satisfaction.

Sleep disturbances

​Indicator of sleep disturbance: nightmares, difficulty in falling asleep, interruptions.

Alterations in eating behaviour

​Indicator on nutritional involvement: increased or reduced intake, as well as changes in habits.


​Presence of defiant and aggressive behaviour that influences coexistence and relationships with others.

Social isolation

​It is the constant preference for solitude, reflecting an inner discomfort.

Media overuse

​Excessive use of electronic devices; preference for screen-related activities

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