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The Fundamental Skills 3 test is a cognitive analysis of the fundamental skills that influence patient learning. It is aimed at patients from 4th grade of primary school onwards.

Before reading the specific manual of the Fundamental Skills 3 test, it is essential that you read carefully the following article that explains the logistics of applying the Habilclinic tests.

Habilclinic: Everything you need to know to be able to apply the tests

Specific considerations about this tool are presented below.

Specific manual

Aim: To measure the 9 main cognitive skills that condition fundamental learning.


  • To suggest appropriate methodologies that lead to the development and strengthening of logical-verbal, logical-mathematical reasoning skills and basic reading.

  • To suggest specific recommendations to parents according to the patient's results in each area evaluated.

  • Promote skills that favour lifelong learning.

  • Suggest recommendations to the school centre to enrich or remedy skills within the academic curriculum.

Aimed at: Patients from 9 years of age (4th grade of primary school) to adults.

Duration: 30-45 minutes.

Specific indications on the application:

  • The test is carried out in a single session.

  • There is a time limit for the test.

  • We propose some suggestions to explain and introduce the patient to the task to be performed:

  • "You are going to take a test that will allow us to know the level of your intellectual abilities". (You can explain, roughly speaking, that intellectual skills are the tools you use to acquire knowledge).

  • "It is not an academic exam.

  • "You are going to perform a series of challenges. Each challenge has a maximum completion time. You won't be able to move on to the next challenge just because you finish first, so you need to concentrate and not be in too much of a hurry to finish".

  • "Each challenge has some previous explanations and an example so that you know how to solve it. Time does not run while you read the explanations. You should read them very carefully as many times as necessary before you start doing the challenges".

  • "Some challenges may be too difficult and you may not be able to answer them; this is normal, so don't worry. The important thing is to try to do your best".

  • "We will start at the same time and read the instructions of the first challenge together so that we can explain how the platform works". (The following questions should be answered: How to read the instructions, where does the time countdown appear, how will you move from question to question, how will you move from question to question).

  • "It is very important to maintain a climate of respect and concentration, so silence is essential and if you have any doubts, you can ask.

Note: Remember that the patient must make an effort to read and understand the instructions, although you can help them to understand them, especially if they are younger. In no case should you indicate or suggest the correct answers.

  • In order for the patient to know how to navigate the test, you can explain the functionality of the test before starting to answer the questionnaire.

  • "First of all, a time countdown appears.

  • "You can read the instructions again, but the time will continue to run.

  • "The green arrows allow you to navigate between questions. So does the mouse wheel.

  • "At the bottom, the number of questions in the challenge is displayed".

  • "When you run out of time or when you have clicked on "I'm done", the next challenge will automatically start".

Once the patient has finished the test, the session will be automatically closed. The results will be immediately processed on the platform for consultation.

Habilclinic: Fundamental Skills 3 Reports

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