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Personal Tendencies is a test framed in the socio-emotional factors, specifically in the analysis of personality traits that influence the learning process.

Before reading the specific manual for the Personal Tendencies test, it is essential that you carefully read the following article which explains the logistics of applying the Habilclinic tests.

Habilclinic: Everything you need to know to be able to apply the tests

Specific considerations about this tool are presented below.

Specific manual

Aim: To measure patient personality traits that affect key attitudes to learning, interpersonal relationships and decision-making.


  • To objectively and technically confirm parents' perceptions of their child.

  • To provide a reliable "X-ray" of the main resources and obstacles to learning, social and intrapersonal behaviour, problem analysis and decision-making.

  • To stimulate a greater awareness in the patient of the root cause of his or her sometimes problematic, sometimes effective behavioural reactions.

Aimed at: Patients from 4th grade of elementary school up to adults.

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

Specific indications on the application:

  • The test is performed in a single session.

  • There is no time limit for the test.

  • The test is self-administered and therefore requires little control by the psychologist.

  • We propose some suggestions to explain and introduce the patient to the task to be carried out:

  • "We are going to measure the state of certain personal aspects that affect learning.

  • "There are no right or wrong answers".

  • "This is not an academic exam".

  • "It is important to read each question carefully and answer honestly, so that the results obtained are useful.

  • "The questions you answer are personal and private, and we will treat the results confidentially".

  • "It is essential that we all achieve an atmosphere of respect and silence.

  • "It is very important to maintain a climate of respect and concentration, so it is essential to maintain silence and only open the microphone (if the application is remote) in case you want to ask any questions".

  • In order for the patient to know how to navigate within the test, you can explain the functionality of the test before starting to answer the questionnaire.

  • "For each description you will have to choose the answer No or Yes".

  • "There is no time limit for answering, so the time counter appears inactive.

  • "The green arrows allow you to navigate between questions. The mouse wheel and keyboard arrows also allow you to navigate between questions".

  • "The test is divided into blocks; the "I'm done" button will be pressed when you have answered ALL the questions".

  • "The number of questions in the challenge is displayed at the bottom.

Habilclinic: Personal Tendencies Reports

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