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This article explains the different types of Fundamental Skills 3 test reports that you will access when one of your patients has completed the test. This article allows you to download the sample report for each of the types so that you can get to know them better. The assessor will share these reports with you after the assessment is completed.ç

Note: It is important to distinguish between the reports for a child patient and for an adult patient, as they are different.

Individual technical report

A report addressed specifically to the counsellor/psychologist in the clinic and containing information about the patient's results with recommendations. This report concentrates the quantitative results of the test that measures 9 skills that condition learning, the psychologist can in this way diagnose in a punctual and focused way the skills that condition learning which are distributed in 3 groups: verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning and basic reading.

This report can be given to adult patients with the appropriate explanation and interpretation.

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Family report

This is an individual report prepared to be given to families, which includes practical and simple recommendations to be applied in the family environment to stimulate the skills assessed according to the results. It shows in a quantitative way the result obtained in each skill (scale from 1 to 9) and a brief description of the implications that can be generated. To complement the information, the psychologist can share with the parents a list of recommendations adjusted to the result obtained for each of the skills assessed.

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Report recommendations for parents

In this report, explanations of each skill are added so that activities can be incorporated at home in accordance with the suggestions presented in order to constantly increase the skills that condition learning.

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