🔵Manual for the use of temporary password

This manual allows to know the steps to follow to carry out the tests by logging them with a temporary key; it contains the instructions for its creation, as well as the explanation about its operation and application


With the profiles of "director", "teacher" and "counsellor" it is possible to generate personalised passwords in two ways:

  1. GROUP: a single key for a whole group of students for each of the tests to be taken.

  2. INDIVIDUAL: personal and non-transferable password for each student in a group.

The purpose of using the temporary password is to facilitate students' access to the tests in a safety way, since no other access key or password will be requested for this purpose. It is important to note that the passwords expire within the selected period and can be cancelled at any time, e.g. at the end of the test application.

*The temporary password must also be generated for the application of the Teaching Competences Rubric.

Advantages of the temporary password

  • Greater control of use and security, due to its temporary nature.

  • It allows direct access to the test to be applied.

  • Simplicity of use.

  • It can be consulted or generated as many times as necessary.

Explanatory videos

Group password: https://vimeo.com/529105079

Individual password: https://vimeo.com/528878666

Generation of temporary passwords

Temporary keys must be generated PRIOR to the application and preferably from the applicator's own computer.

Step 1: Accessing the Habilmind platform

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

  • Type in the URL (web address) customised for your school. For example: https://batalla.habil.tv

  • Direct login: with any of the following users "teacher", "director" or "counsellor" provided by Habilmind and their respective password (If you do not know the password, it is suggested to contact the person in charge of the platform in the school or the coach / advisor).

Never give any of the passwords to students.

Step 2: Locate the button "new password creator".

  • Once inside the platform, locate the button "new password creator" and click on it.

Step 3: Configure and generate the password

  • Choose the test, the group, the type of password (group or individual) and set the "duration" (the time during which the password will remain active).

  • For security reasons, it is suggested NOT to set more than "2 hours" of duration.

  • At the end, click on "generate password".

  • The password will be ready to be shared with the student(s).

  • Different temporary passwords must be generated for each group and test to be applied.

  • All generated passwords can be viewed and managed in the main menu, as shown below.

  • The passwords can be downloaded in EXCEL format using the "download.csv" option so that they can be printed or mailed to the persons designated to apply the tests.That is, if the psychologist, for example, generates all the keys, he/she can later share them with the teachers, who will be responsible for applying the test to their students.

  • In the case that a mistake has been made in the generation of the password, it can be deleted and generated again, without any inconvenience.

  • Also at the end of the test, it is advisable for security reasons to delete the temporary password from the main menu.

  • If it is not deleted, the password will expire after the set time and will be crossed out in the main list.

Use of temporary passwords

Step 1: Sharing the password

If the application is done face-to-face in the classroom, the temporary password must be written on the blackboard/whiteboard in large size so that the students can copy it and enter it easily on the computers or tablet.

If the application is done remotely, the password is shared with the student(s) moments before the application by the established means: Zoom, Meet, Teams, Whatsapp, etc...

Step 2: Introducing the password

One of the advantages of the platform is that the password can be entered from different URLs. This allows the school to choose the one that is most convenient for them.

  1. Access from the Habilmind website: www.habilmind.com

  • Click on the "temporary password" box.

  1. Access from the school's personalised URL. For example: https://batalla.habil.tv

  • Click on the box "temporary password".

  • The student will then be asked to enter the temporary password:

  1. Access from the temporary password website: www.clavetemporal.com

  • Immediately, the screen to enter the temporary password will appear:

Step 3: Choosing from the list (in the case of the group key)

In the case of the group key, the student must search for his/her name and select him/herself from the list to start the test.

If the test is held face-to-face in the school classroom, younger students should be supported in entering the key.

It is important to check that the student has been selected correctly, in order to avoid selecting a classmate by mistake.

  • Next, the test start screen appears directly:

  • In this step it is important to check once again that the name that appears on the start screen corresponds to the student who will take the test.

That's it! The student can start the test.

At the end of the test

The test results will be automatically ready for review. Also, the temporary password will expire after the set time has elapsed, so it can no longer be used. If it is necessary to retake the test in the same group of students, a new temporary password must be generated.

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