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This article explains the different types of EDINT test reports that you will access when one of your patients has completed the test. This article allows you to download the sample report for each of the types so that you can get to know them better. The Habimind counsellor will share these reports with you after the assessment is completed.

Individual report

This report is addressed specifically to the counsellor/psychologist in the counselling office and contains information about the patient's results. Specifically, it shows the set of mental abilities that reflect the structure of intelligence. The results of this assessment are intended to adapt the teaching-learning process to the individual characteristics of the patient. Also included are explanations of each of the skills based on the results obtained, where the current cognitive functioning is described. This report reflects the results of general intelligence and current IQ.

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Family report

Presentation of quantitative results to be sent to patients or their parents. It serves as a summary of the scores obtained by the patient. In addition, it incorporates a brief explanation of the cognitive skills assessed. Unlike the individual report, it does not show the general intelligence and IQ data, so as not to create confusion or misrepresent information about the patient's cognitive factors.

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