🔵HF: CUF (Visual capture of information)

The first is the CUF. If we find a student who is below the expected level in CUF, it is advisable to have a vision test, not necessarily a sight test. We refer to the visual evolution test (developmental optometry) to find out if the student is really seeing and perceiving correctly. If the student does not read well, such an examination will be more necessary. In this case look also at their EUF score; if it is lower than the expected level it will be necessary to look at their visual ability. Eyesight is constantly changing and adapting to the environment just as intelligence grows and develops through stimulation.

A student with low CUF does not see complete words from the first to the last letter, and people with low EUF scores transpose or reverse words. It should be remembered that the eyes complete their functional development between 10 and 12 years of age.

Many people will require specialised attention with the vision treatment team to solve more serious visual problems.

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