SE: Why is this test important?

For teachers

The teacher has very valuable information about how social relations have been established in his or her group of pupils in order to:
  • Be able to influence the improvement of the climate of coexistence.
  • Prevent potential bullying situations.
  • To carry out groupings with useful and objective information to make them more effective.
  • Initiate mediation measures with high-value information (level of integration of each of the students in the group, level of cohesion, development of the emotional competences of each of the students).
  • Plan tutorials according to the needs detected at social and group level.
  • Improving the students' academic performance, avoiding that problems in the relationship between classmates become an obstacle to their attention and concentration.

For parents

For families, this test means "peace of mind"...
  • Reassurance that the school has a system of monitoring tools to detect risk situations.
  • Reassurance that the school they have chosen for their children is concerned about their integral and personal development.
  • Reassurance that it is a school committed to coexistence.
In addition, families receive a personalised report, adapted to their children's stage of development, on how they are developing socio-emotional competences (empathy, assertiveness, interpersonal emotional regulation, teamwork and conflict resolution) and how they can help at home to improve them.

For the management team

The director has a monitoring panel in his/her centre to guarantee, support and give visibility to his/her actions in his/her Coexistence Plan with the aim of:
  • Have a real impact on the improvement of coexistence.
  • Prevent bullying.
  • To have an impact on the integral development of its students.
  • To have objective backing for their good work in terms of coexistence.

For counsellors and psychologists

Historically, counsellors have invested many hours in the application and correction of sociometric analyses. With our Socioemotiogram, this manual and arduous work is a thing of the past and can be carried out quickly and efficiently, obtaining results and reports in a fully automatic way in order to:
  • Improve the coexistence of the centre.
  • Prevent bullying.
  • Support the Tutorial Action Plan (P.A.T.) with objective information.
  • To get to know the pupils in a more integral way, thus facilitating the evaluation process.
  • To have objective backing for their good work in terms of coexistence.