🔵HF: CSS (Cognition of numerical events)

The next skill tested in the area of Captioning, CSS, is the understanding of simple arithmetic relationships. This test will tell you fairly accurately the level of performance students have achieved in the mechanisation skills, and the kind of scores they will get on the more common written arithmetic tests. Therefore, if students have good Symbolic skills, that is, they are good at CSS, MUS, ESS and NSS; we can then conclude that such people are highly capable symbolic thinkers. People whose learning is highly symbolic show us a learning style that enables them to learn to read better using phonetic methods. Such learners, especially if their auditory memory is high, learn to read correctly when they use a phonetic method. If their visual memory is high, they can spell words accurately, but they need help to link the auditory (sounds) aspect to the visual aspect through vocal spelling sessions to enhance auditory development.

ESS and NSS are more advanced skills and use mathematical mechanisation skills (CSS). When these are low, pupils are unable to solve arithmetic problems, they pretend to turn to formulae or help to establish possible solution approaches. Often, traditional schools overemphasise arithmetic mechanisation and underemphasise the real objective, which is the application of arithmetic.

It is necessary for students to solve problems using these methodological procedures:

  1. teacher-led, step-by-step solution, with explanation of each step;

  2. problem solving in small groups, in the classroom, with teacher supervision;

  3. problem solving, in the classroom, individually, supervised by the teacher:

  4. problem solving at home, in the from of homework. When this procedure is neglected, evaluation and problem solving are not taught.

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