🔵General handbook for home application with parent credentials

Preliminary considerations

This document is addressed to schools with the aim of guiding them on the dynamics of applying tests from home using the parent credentials. It includes a model letter addressed to parents and a video tutorial that can be shared with families for optimal guidance on the support that should be provided to the child when taking the tests.

Steps to be followed by the school

Contact your Habilmind advisor or coach to carry out the following steps:

Step 1: Decide on which tests will be administered from home.

Choose the tests to be administered to learners remotely and define assessment dates. Ask the coach or advisor to activate the tests on your platform. Once the activation of the tests has been confirmed, verify that they appear on your platform.

Step 2: Decide between the following options.

OPTION #1: Parents can view results from the platform after taking the test.

Advantage: The school does not perform the administrative task of sending results.

Disadvantage: There is a possibility that a percentage of parents may not interpret the results correctly. In this regard, we recommend that the school establishes a communication channel for those cases in which this circumstance might occur.

Recommendation: This may be a good time for the counsellor, or the most appropriate person within the school, to have brief telephone or virtual meetings with parents in order to interpret the results, to deepen interventions at home and to complement the analysis of the students.

OPTION #2: Parents cannot see results from the platform; the school will decide later if they want to share results:

Advantage: the school decides how and when exactly to send the results, being able to filter some students according to the characteristics of the students or their families.

Disadvantage: the administrative time required for the school to send the results to the families.

Recommendation: this may be a good moment for the counsellor or the most appropriate person in the school to personalise the communication by sending an e-mail with the report, and/or proposing a brief virtual meeting or telephone call explaining the results.

Step 3: The coach or advisor will send you the "parent credentials".

Depending on what you have decided, the coach or advisor will make the relevant configuration and will send you the list of users and passwords so that parents can access the tests from home. It is important that this document is reviewed in order to report any incident before sending the data to the parents.

Step 4: Send credentials to parents

You will need to send each parent their individual username and password by email, WhatsApp or any other means of communication established by the school.

⚠️ Note: the username and password is personal and confidential.

Who sends the passwords?

They can be sent by the counsellor or psychologist, administrative area or even the teacher if their contract with the school includes the handling of confidential data. In general, most current contracts include clauses of this type.

How is it suggested to do so?

We suggest the following newsletter template to be sent to parents via email or WhatsApp.

Dear families:

We are pleased to send you our warmest greetings once again. As we have already informed you, this school year we are working with the Habilmind platform for the psycho-pedagogical evaluation of students.

Due to this emergency situation, the Habilmind team, together with the school, have arranged for you to support your child in taking the assessments completely remotely.

Why is it important to do this? The psycho-pedagogical evaluation of your child is key for the school to obtain accurate information for decision making and strategies that influence teaching practice and the emotional, social and cognitive development of students.

You will need to follow the next steps:

  • Step 1: Access from a computer or tablet (at least 7") with an internet connection to the school's URL: ____________________________________________

  • Step 2: Enter your username and password: <<Here you as a school can decide whether to copy and paste the parent key: username and password of the person to whom you are sending this newsletter, or to send it by other means >>.

  • Step 3: Click on the test(s) to be taken: <<Here as a school you must indicate the test(s) to be taken by the students from home, for example: Learning Styles.>>

The dates set for your child to take the test(s) indicated are from _____________________ to ______________________.

If you have any queries, please contact the school at: <<As a school you should indicate the means of communication you will have available to deal with any doubts or queries from parents>>>.

School email, telephone number of the person responsible, WhatsApp....

Our best wishes to you and your loved ones.


_____________________ (Name of the school)

⚠️ Note: You can download this newsletter for editing here.

Step 5: Follow up with parents regarding the home-based test application

Monitor the home-testing process by logging into your platform and checking if tests are being taken by students on the stipulated dates. During the period of time that the tests are being administered remotely, remember to be available to parents for any questions, needs or incidents that may arise.

Do not hesitate to contact your Habilmind coach or advisor to receive support or resolve any incident during the process.

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