🔵HF: NSS (Solution of Mathematical Challenges)

NSS requires mastery of mathematical mechanisation skills. This subtest announces whether students can solve advanced non-verbal arithmetic problems using their mathematical mechanisation skills (CSS and ESS).

When the NSS is low, it checks the MSS-Auditory scores; if they are average or high it will indicate that the problems in NSS are due to low CSS or ESS scores, and not because they have little seriation or conservation potential.

If CSS is low use flash cards with different colours for each type of procedure: e.g. blue for addition, green for subtraction, etc. Practice 10 minutes every day visually and orally for three reinforcers through visualisation, repetition aloud and writing.

NSS requires flexibility with Number Systems. Teach students the order in which the number operational sequences should be handled, aloud. Write on the board the correct and incorrect orderings. Demonstrate the answers and discuss the "consequences" of using the wrong principles.

Discuss with them the procedures for arriving at the given number from a given quantity, explaining the operations carried out, if necessary. For example: How do you get from 20 to the number 3 in four steps?

Use symbolic information in problems that are attractive to students, such as:

  1. music or video recordings

  2. sport results

  3. buying clothes or sports equipment

  4. measurements for making clothes

  5. budgeting for shopping or mechanical work

  6. calculation of weight, distance, quantify

  7. calculation of percentages

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